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Dried Blue Lotus Herbal Tea 100 g Nymphaea Caerulea 100% Natural

Dried Blue Lotus Herbal Tea 100 g Nymphaea Caerulea 100% Natural

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Dried Blue Lotus Herbal tea 100g Nymphaea Caerulea 100% all natural

Blue lotus is a tropical water lily native to Northern and tropical Africa. It’s also commonly known as the Egyptian blue water lily or sacred blue lily of the Nile. The blue lotus is a sacred star-shaped flower to the Egyptian culture. It symbolized the origins of life to the Ancient Egyptians, for they believed the world was covered by darkness and water until the blue lotus bloomed to bring in light. It was believed that the sun gods Atum and Ra were at its core when the first blue lotus bloomed to bring in light to the earth. Depictions of the sacred blue lily of the Nile can be seen across Egyptian art and architecture. Its botanical name (Nymphaa caerulea)

translates to blue water nymph. The genus Nymphaea comes from the Greek work nymphaea or water nymph, and the species caerulea means blue.


The Egyptians also revered the blue lotus for its medicinal properties, and has been historically, Due to its Vitamin B and zinc content, an infusion or tea made from the flowers of a blue lotus has been known to be beneficial against stress by inducing feelings of calmness. High potassium found in blue lotus has also been known to help maintain blood sugar levels and increase blood circulation.


Pack: 100 grams / 3.5 Ounce

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