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Tapee Tea Thai Tapee Natural Organic Herbal Java Tea Relief Pains 25 Tea Bags

Tapee Tea Thai Tapee Natural Organic Herbal Java Tea Relief Pains 25 Tea Bags

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Thai Natural Organic Herbal  May Helps With Gout And Pain


Tea Tapee is a combination of 10 types of herbal tea in a single sachet, helping you relieve back pain, waist pain, knee pain, request pain, menstrual pain. Herniated nerve pain, allergies, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, colds, body aches and pains Detoxify residual toxins in the intestines, helping to excrete better. Tapee tea, herbal tea to drink.


A Natural way of using Herbal Based ingredients formulated to ease pain relief.

May help reduce gout and muscle pain . ONCE YOU HAVE A TRY, YOU WILL GET ITS BEAUTY.

Condition: New Natural Organic Herbal

Size: 1 Tea bag small - 6 grams/(0.22 OZ)

Quantity: 25 Tea Bags

(1 bag contains 5 sachets and in 1 sachet there are 5 teabags or 1 pack contains 25 tea bags)


Main Ingredients:

Wolfberry 10%

Jewel vine 20% 

Sea holly, Thistleplike plant 10%

Java tea, Kidney tea plant, Cat's whiskers 20%


How to use

- Use 1 bag each serving. Put it into the cup, pour hot water about 250-350ml and mix & stir for a few seconds. The miracle tea is ready!

- Also, you can make it as a cold beverage. But hot drink will be better for the effect.

TASTE: It has a Bitter Taste. It is also recommended to add honey or sugar accordingly for taste adjustments.

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