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Thai Pennant Flags Plastic Colorful Triangle Flags Traditional Decoration Temple Thai Festival 18 M

Thai Pennant Flags Plastic Colorful Triangle Flags Traditional Decoration Temple Thai Festival 18 M

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Thai Pennant flags or Thai Triangular flags is a traditional decoration used in Thai festivals. These flags are vibrant and eye-catching, adding a festive touch to the surroundings.


The Thai pennant colorful flag is made of lightweight plastic, fabric or paper, typically in bright, bold and colorful colors. The most common colors used are red, yellow, blue, green, and white. These colors hold cultural significance in Thai traditions.


The flags are usually triangular in shape, resembling elongated triangles with a pointed tip. They are strung together on a string or rope, creating a beautiful garland that can be hung across streets, temples, or homes during festivals.


Each flag is adorned with intricate patterns, symbols, or motifs that represent Thai culture and beliefs. These designs often include floral patterns, mythical creatures, such as the Garuda or Naga, and auspicious symbols like elephants or lotus flowers.


When the Thai pennant flags flutter in the wind, they create a lively and joyful atmosphere, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and happiness. They are an integral part of Thai festival decorations, adding a touch of traditional charm to the festivities.


If you are planning to decorate for a Thai festival, incorporating the Thai triangle colorful flags will surely create a vibrant and festive ambiance


When using the Thai rainbow flag for festival decoration, you can showcase it in various ways. You may hang multiple flags along the festival grounds, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. It can be displayed on flagpoles or strung up as bunting. Additionally, you can incorporate the flag's colors into other decorative elements, such as stage backdrops, banners, or floral arrangements.


Length: 18 M

Size of Flag: 19 x 27 cm.

Quantity of Flag: 35 pieces

Color of flag: Mix of Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Red, Blue and White

Flag Material: PVC, brightly, bold colored flags, waterproof and dustproof

Rope Material: Nylon, tough, strong and durable

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